IncidenT Response

The expert team to respond to a security breach

Expert help to restore and secure your systems during and after a security breach

Most companies rely on their IT systems and data to be able to run their businesses. This means that if something goes wrong the risk to productivity and brand image can spiral if there is not a remediation plan in place. The best incident response strategies are made well in advance of problems arising and are tested thoroughly to ensure the best outcome in a bad situation. 

The steps a company takes after a breach, DDOS attack or malware infestation can affect the level of damage that can be done and make any legal processes easier because the integrity of the evidence has been protected – the worst case scenario would be if any attempts of remediation by the IT department were to make the scenario worse. 

Apstorm can  provide a Cyber Incident Response service that will: 
  • Identify that an attack is taking place 
  • Determine the attack type and what systems or data have been compromised 
  • Set the objectives of remediation including clean up and investigation 
  • Discover who staged the attack and why 
  • Investigate how it happened 
  • Ensure the vulnerability has been addressed 
  • Assess the overall business impact 

All of these things are critical to limiting the damage done and getting organisations back on line. 

The following tasks can be easily automated:


  • Routine discovery and patching of missing security updates which significantly reduces risk exposure to exploits.


  • An operator will be immediately alerted to any change in the “known good” file status.


  • Gives granular visibility  into and reports on any exiting entities – hosts, installed software etc which is important for various security and IT Admin needs.


  • Logs can be retained for an unlimited amount of time which allows companies to comply with regulative requirements.


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