Mobile Device Protection

Protect your Mobile Devices

Our Mobile Device protection secures your users from a range of security issues.

With smart phones becoming the main technologies used in business life, managers and administrators need to consider the threats that this poses to the organisation.  A lost phone has a hardware cost, but the data and network access are far more valuable in the wrong hands!

Mobile security suites comprise the following protectionThese include:  
  • Application lock down – preventing malicious applications being downloaded.  
  • Operating System protection – shielding the OS from vulnerabilities.  
  • Containerisation of the business applications, this allows the organisation to shield these important applications (Email, CRM, Calendar) and to remove the container should the phone be lost.  
  • URL Filtering – protecting users on the internet. Screening where they can go on a corporate device and protecting them from accessing malicious websites.  
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – this shields data in transit from the corporate network to the mobile device.  

Mobile Security is a key part of protecting users end points. Apstorm works with a number of leading vendors to provide zero day solutions.

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