Is Your Supply Chain Cyber Secure?

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Webinar - Is Your Supply Chain Cyber Secure?

Join our webinar to understand what threats exist in your trading partners and supply chain and how you can easily identify them

Imagine if you could get a Cyber Security Risk rating for the third parties in your supply chain, similar to the way you do for their credit rating

On the 28th April CIPS and Apstorm are hosting a webinar that showcases Orpheus, the only Government accredited solution that rates supply chain risk on an organisation’s security. With third-party and supply chain attacks on the increase, let us demonstrate how this easy to set up and unobtrusive solution can give an insight into your business partners risk, similar to how you credit score them. 

Orpheus is the only Government-accredited cyber threat intelligence company providing accurate Third Party cyber risk rating.

Why is Supply Chain Security Important? 

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Supply chain security has never been so important. Cyber Criminals and other malicious actors are increasingly targeting third parties as they can be less protected, increasingly your third parties have access to your data, your systems and their compromise could result in disruption to your business.

Without a threat-led approach to cyber risk calculation, organisations will fail to identify:

  • Supply chain cyber risks
  • Partner and third party cyber risk
  • The organisations own risk and that to its trading parties
  • Cyber insurance policy risk
  • Investment issues
  • Client cyber security problems 

Date: 28th April 2021

Time: 12.30pm

Duration: 1 hour

Vendors: Orpheus

Who Should Attend: Supply Chain Directors & Managers, Purchasing Directors & Managers, Procurement Directors & Managers, CIO’s, CISO’s, ISO’s, Cyber Security Managers, IT Security Managers, Cyber Security Analysts, Risk and Compliance Professionals, CFO’s

Offer: Free Threat Report on your organisation

Attend this webinar and receive a free threat report on your organisation 

Apstorm presents Orpheus, showing you the risks in your third parties and across your supply chain 

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Orpheus is a scalable, cloud based subscription to the industry’s most comprehensive Cyber Risk Management platform.

Orpheus fuses threat intelligence and cyber risk rating expertise with your organisations live vulnerabilities and those of your third parties so that you can stop cyber risks before they happen.

Orpheus’s groundbreaking platform collects huge volumes of cyber threat data which is analysed using Machine Learning and an array of sophisticated technologies combined with our highly-skilled analysts.

Orpheus combines a unique understanding of the threat to any organisation with detailed insights into the current vulnerability of that business. By doing so we are accurately calculating the likelihood of the entity being victim to a cyber attack. Allowing you to remediate the issue, staying one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker.

With no implementation time or cost, Orpheus scale their Cyber Risk Rating from a single company to your entire Supply Chain or any Third Party company you work with or are considering a relationship with.

The Orpheus  dashboard allows you to:

  • Add multiple organisations to monitor their cyber risk ratings 
  • View changes in each Third Party’s risk 
  • View, print and share summary reports for all organisations 
  • Be aligned to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s Principles of Supply Chain Security
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What will you learn in this webinar?

What does Orpheus show me?

  • This webinar will give you an overview of Third Party Cyber Security risk and how that impacts on your organisation.
  • How cyber criminals exploit your trading partners to gain access to the supply chain. 
  • How they then use vulnerable third parties to breach your defences. 
  • How Orpheus highlights these vulnerabilities and gives you the information to take to your trading partners and report back to the IT Security Team and Board of Directors.

The Orpheus platform shows you:

  • How secure each organisation in the supply chain is
  • What third parties are a threat
  • Who is likely to attack you
  • How they are going to do it
  • The live vulnerabilities that they will exploit

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