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Webinar - Microsoft Sentinel

Join our webinar and see how Microsoft Sentinel can improve your security operations

On 25th May we are hosting a webinar that gives you a comprehensive overview of  Microsoft Sentinel. 


With organisations relying more than ever on their data, remote connectivity and digital assets, cyber criminals and bad actors are continually on the hunt for vulnerable targets. Businesses need a cost-effective, scalable and straightforward security platform to identify and manage threats.


Microsoft Sentinel is a Forester Wave leader and cost-effective way to simplify and modernise your security operations. Collect security data from across your entire organisation and monitor it in one central location, giving you a bird’s eye view so it’s easier to spot suspicious activities and effectively deal with threats quickly.

What Does this Webinar Cover? 

Webinar Details

In this webinar we look at MS Sentinel from several key angles comprising Technical, Operational and Commercial questions, these include:

  • Getting started with MS Sentinel and how it can improve your organisations cyber security.

  • How MS Sentinel interacts with and enhances other security solutions and Microsoft applications.

  • How MS Sentinel compares with other similar solutions and vendors.

  • MS Sentinel licensing and operational options, including – Self-Managed, MS Partner Managed or Hybrid of the two.

  • How to get the most out of MS Sentinel.

Date: 25th May 2022

Time: 11am

Duration: 1 hour

Vendors: Microsoft

Solution: Sentinel

Topics: Threat Detection, Threat Hunting, Security Information Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR), Security Operations Centre (SOC). User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), Extended Threat Detection XDR.

Our Expert Sentinel MSSP CyberFit 

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Microsoft Sentinel Specialist Cyberfit

Apstorm have teamed up with their Microsoft Sentinel specialist Cyberfit who bring over 40 years of combined industry experience and can help your organisation get Sentinel up and running quickly and cost effectively. Cyberfit know all typical SIEM deployment challenges and have done numerous successful installations for businesses of all sizes.


Flexible Deployment and Management

Cyberfit can manage Sentinel as an extension of your security team or, if you would like to manage Sentinel internally,  can work alongside you during the setup and deployment upskilling your team over a predetermined handover period.

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