Application Security Testing

Test your key applications are secure

Application testing is crucial to launching successful services

There is a large increase of organisations producing applications for customers and employees.  Development teams not only have to provide a working application, but also need to ensure that it is secure. Application Security Testing (AST) are solutions that can analyse an application to ensure that it meets the security requirement of the business.

Application Security Testing Provides:

• Static AST (SAST) analyses the source code for vulnerabilities. This is typically done during the applications development and testing phase.  

• Dynamic AST (DAST) analyses the application during its operational state or as part of the testing process. DAST can simulate attacks against web-enabled applications, services and APIs, analysing the application’s reactions and determines whether it is vulnerable. 

• Interactive AST (IAST) identifies and manages security risks discovered in running web applications. IAST uses dynamic testing (often referred to as runtime testing) techniques, which monitor an application as it runs and gathers information about what it does and how it performs. This allows Secure Development Operation (SecDevOps) teams to monitor applications in real time as they run, giving up to date security information.  

• Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is used for open-source and third-party components in an application, it looks at known security vulnerabilities and license restrictions. This gives SecDevOps teams a handle on what they are plugging into their application and its limitations. 

Apstorm provides Application Security Testing advice and solutions for businesses wanting to produce secure applications for their employees and customers.  

Apstorm works with a number of leading vendors to provide Application Security Testing.

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