Web Security

Shield users from web threats

Web security is an important component in shielding users, keeping them productive and protecting mobile devices

As the internet evolves so does the sophistication of applications and threats. Internet Security protects an organisation from web based threats.

Web Security Solutions Provide:
  • Anti Malware – Protecting against malware on websites and in downloads.  
  • URL Filtering  – URL filtering prevents users from accessing inappropriate or non productive websites.  
  • Application Control – Limits what a user can do on certain sites (e.g read only on social media) so that the users actions can be contained in the work environment. 

Our range of internet security solutions are extremely configurable and can help as part of an internet security and Data Leakage Prevention strategy. Tools such as application control can allow access to webmail but block file attachments being uploaded. It can also cut out the instant messenger function on social media sites. The control administrators have is very powerful, giving managers the confidence, that as part of a wider DLP strategy the organisation is doing all it can to protect itself from losing information. 

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