Zero Day Protection

Protect your Business from Zero Day Attacks

Our advanced protection secures your organisation from unwanted malware

Zero day attacks are considered extremely dangerous because they take advantage of security holes inside operating systems and applications.

There are a number of advanced solutions available that protect against zero day threats. They look for suspicious code in email and web traffic and then open them in a virtual sandbox to see what the script wants to do. If it’s found to be malicious then the solution mitigates the attack so that it cannot replicate the threat across the network.

Zero Day Solutions Provide:
  • Gateway sandboxing technology that examines suspicious code in a virtual environment to determine if the data package is malicious or not.
  • Code extraction to take out unnecessary code and make it unworkable for malware to launch.
  • Compatibility with other systems such as Next Generation Firewall’s to protect the network against attack.

Zero day technologies work with more traditional solutions like Anti Malware and IPS to provide a suite of security services to protect against attack.

Apstorm works with a number of leading vendors to provide zero day solutions.

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