Identity Access Management

Manage Passwords and Sign On Easily

Identity Access Management allows users to easily manage all of their logon credentials

IAM – Identity Access Management

Having strong passwords for applications is one of the best ways to improve security. However, users are notoriously poor at remembering complex passwords. This coupled with multiple applications (Office 365, CRM, portals, etc) to log in to and passwords, human incompetence becomes the weak link in the chain.

Identity Access Management takes the complexity out of the process by giving users one system to log in to which in turn logs them in to every other application. It also manages their passwords.

Identity Access Management Provides:
  • One login to the IAM system giving the user access to all of their applications.  
  • The one login can be linked to multi factor authentication, making the system infinitely stronger. 
  • With the human component out of the way, passwords to each application can be made infinitely longer and stronger, +50 characters. The IAM can recycle them on a regular basis so that they are very difficult to crack.  

From an organisation perspective, IAM systems allow IT administrators to simply “On-board” new users, assigning them a profile that gives them access to a range of applications, (E.g. the Accounts department = Office 365, Accounting Package, CRM, Payroll, etc) it also allows for movers and leavers to be administered easily. Meaning if someone moves department their profile can be amended or if they leave, they can be deleted out of all the organisations applications they have access to.

Apstorm provides Identity Access Management solutions from key vendors that allow password management and single sign on for organisations. 

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