Data Leakage Protection and Encryption

Protect your data both at rest and in motion

Data Leakage Protection and Encryption secures your data from malicious and accidental breaches

Data and information are the life blood of any business. Protecting data and ensuring that it is not leaked to the wrong hands is the responsibility of every organisation and GDPR has made this even more onerous 

Apstorm has several technologies that enable your business to secure its data giving the board and Information Security Officers peace of mind.

Data Leakage Protection (DLP) helps protect data in motion by identifying sensitive documents and information and controlling their movement. Helping stop information leakage, both malicious and accidental. 

Encryption technologies help protect data at rest on servers, cloud environments and mobile devices. This makes the data unusable if it falls in to the wrong hands. 

Email encryption provides security for SMTP data in transit. 

Data Leakage and Encryption Solutions Provide the following security measures:  
  • Data Leakage Protection (DLP) – Many organisations are concerned about Data Leakage either malicious or accidental. Apstorms range of DLP solutions are extremely configurable and can help as part of a wider data leakage strategy. With policies that drill down to a user level, managers and administrators can control what information leaves the business through egress points such as email, file transfer applications and USB ports.  
  • Encryption – can be an effective way of protecting data getting into the wrong hands. It can be encrypting “Data at rest” such as databases or hard drives. Or “Data in Transit” like emails or file attachments.  
  • Email encryption provides secure transport of emails from one recipient to another. The types of encryption can vary from PGP, SMime, TLS and Web Portal Technologies as do the transport  methods. PGP emails are sent from one gateway to the other whereas web portals stay on the senders network and the recipient uses an SSL session to view the email like a secure webmail session.

Data Leakage and encryption checks against the organisations Data Governance Policy. If DLP does breach the policy there are a number of remediation’s that can be performed, these include quarantining, alerting and logging.

Apstorm have years of experience with DLP and Encryption security, for advice and help please talk to our knowledgeable staff.  

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