End Point Security

End Point Security

In a more Mobile World, End Point Security is key

Our end point protection secures your users from unwanted malware and data loss.

As the workforce become more mobile and endpoints (Laptops and Desktops) are moving out of the protection of the corporate firewall, the need to secure them is more important than ever. 

End points must protect against a multitude of threats, including Malware, Zero Day attacks, port scans, malicious websites, data loss across the internet and physical loss if the hardware is misplaced.  

End Point Protection Solutions Provide:
  • Anti Malware – protection against Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms, SpyWare and Ransomware 
  • Zero Day Malware Protection – including all the above zero day variants and specifically new ransomware attacks  
  • Firewall – corporate grade security for end points  
  • Intrusion Protection IPS – protecting from port scans and other malicious activity 
  • Virtual Private Network – providing encrypted connections to the corporate gateway and shielding data flow.  
  • Hard Drive Encryption – protecting hard drive information getting in the wrong hands if the device is mislaid or stolen 
  • USB protection – encrypting USB drives and limiting their usage 

End Point technologies are the last line of protection for users and organisations, choosing the right technology is therefore key. Apstorm works with a number of leading vendors to provide zero day solutions.

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