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Vulnerability Assessment, Asset Register and Patch Management

Join our webinar and see how Vicarius TOPIA can improve your overall security posture

On 19h July we are hosting a webinar that gives you a concise overview of Vicarius TOPIA. 

Ever thought it would be good to identify your assets across the network, see which ones had vulnerabilities and then patch them all in one joined-up platform? Vicarius TOPIA gives you just that.

What Does this Webinar Cover? 

Webinar Details

Your time is important, so we aim to provide you with as much relevant information during the 40 minutes as possible. Experts from Vicarius will demonstrate:

  • Scanning the network for vulnerabilities in applications and assets even if they do not have an official CVE
  • Creating an Asset and App Risk Register to locate resources and know their vulnerabilities
  • Patch assets to secure them or apply a virtual patch if one is not available from the vendor

Date: 19th July 2023

Time: 12 noon

Duration: 40 Minutes

Vendors: Vicarius

Solution: TOPIA

Topics: Vulnerability Assessment, Asset Register, Patch Management, Virtual Patching, Security Posture Analysis

About Vicarius 

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Vulnerability Assessment

TOPIA is the first end-to-end vulnerability remediation solution with the ability to analyse proprietary and niche applications for vulnerabilities without official CVEs, providing full asset visibility and threat intelligence. Its real-time analysis engine identifies CVE and 0-day threats by continuously analysing third-party software applications.

Asset and App Risk Register

TOPIA ranks the risk and severity of each app and asset in your organization based on their level of threat and exploitation, providing a focused view of risk.

Patch Vulnerabilities

TOPIA’s Real-Time Patch Management gives you the flexibility to close security gaps or schedule patch installations on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. If no patch is available Patchless Protection mitigates the vulnerability.

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Vaulnerability Prioritisation

Vicarius TOPIA Screen Shots 

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