With more employees working from home, reliable remote access solutions are vital

With more employees working from home or non-traditional work settings, such has hotels, coffee shops and airport lounges. The need for secure remote access in to company systems comes in to play.  

Security and ease of use are key when deploying a remote access solution to end users. They can be coupled with Identity Access Management (IAM) or Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to make them more secure. 

The components of a remote access system include: 
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – is an encrypted tunnel connecting the end user to their applications and the organisations network and cloud services .  
  • IPSec Client – a client that sits on the end users computer that makes the remote access experience more like what they would have if they were in the office.  
  • SSL, Secure Socket Layer, a web based interface giving less functionality than the IPSec client, but has the advantage of not having to be pre-loaded on to the end users computer.  

Remote Access Solutions make it easy for employees to connect from home. 

Apstorm works with a number of leading vendors to provide Remote Access Solutions

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