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Webinar - XDR Attack Protection and Continuous Security Validation

Join our webinar and see how XDR and Simulated Security Validation can protect your users and networks

On 26th May we are hosting a webinar that showcases 2 of the most exciting vendors that can help strengthen and automate your security in 2021.


With Cyber Attacks on the rise again in 2021 and even with the best security in place, breaches can happen. In this webinar, we show how Breach Simulation and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) Attack Protection, which includes End Point Detection and Response (EDR), Deception, and Incident Response to secure your networks and users against vulnerabilities and breaches.

What Does this Webinar Cover? 

Webinar Details

Your time is important, so we aim to provide you with as much relevant information during the hour as possible. Experts from Cymulate and Cynet will demonstrate:

  1. How validating the security you have in place with simulated testing, detects vulnerabilities, and will dramatically reduce your attack surface and improve your deployed security. Cymulate Security Validation
  2. Why detecting intrusions that may slip through the security in place is key to stopping breaches and how the process can be automated to protect the network and endpoints. Cynet XDR
  3. How Next Generation Antivirus, End User Behavior Analytics, Networks Analytics, and Deception combine to block hackers, malware, and prevent breaches.      Cynet XDR
  4. How Automated Incident Response cleans up any breaches swiftly and effectively, remediating the situation. Cynet XDR

Date: 26th May 2021

Time: 11am

Duration: 1 hour

Vendors: Cymulate and Cynet

Topic: Breach Simulation Testing / Attack Detection, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) including Next Generation Anti Virus, User Endpoint Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) and Incident Response


The live webinar has completed, please see below for the recording

Two of the most innovative Cyber Security Vendors 

Recording of the Webinar

Cymulate –  Security Validation, enables organisations to challenge, assess and optimise their security across the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, end-to-end. The platform provides  threat intelligence led risk assessments out-of-the-box, that are simple to use for all skill levels and constantly updated. Standards-based risk scores are calculated to measure and track performance, actionable remediation guidance is provided to close security gaps and executive reports enable management to prioritise scarce security resources. 

  • Automated  testing that can be run 365 days of the year
  • End to End Security Checking, including, End Points, Email, Web, Network and Cloud infrastructure
  • Enhances the investment in other security technologies 

Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediation’s, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker.

Cynet 360 XDR  – Autonomous Breach Protection enables you to elevate your security from legacy siloed, manually operated endpoint, user or network point products to Cynet’s 360 Autonomous Breach Protection and take advantage of the following capabilities:

  • Proactively discover and eliminate attack surfaces with vulnerability assessment, file integrity monitoring and asset management
  • Confront the widest array of attack vectors with the consolidated capabilities of Next Generation Anti Virus, Endpoint Detection and Response, Network Analytics, User Behavior Analytics and Deception
  • Fully automate the response process to eradicate active threats without human intervention

Cynet 360 also includes (with no additional cost) CyOps, a 24\7 Managed Detection and Response team that provides proactive threat hunting, in-depth attack investigation and alert monitoring.

Click the image to see the Cynet Incident Response data sheet

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